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About Psychology House, St Andrews
I Offer CBT, Couples Counselling and Other Therapies

Psychotherapy offers you a chance to spend concentrated time on yourself with a highly skilled practitioner who can help you unpack your story, get to the root of issues and give you new clarity on your past and your present. At Psychology House, the therapeutic journey is a creative, collaborative one in which the therapist actively listens offering: ideas, perspectives, and challenges with sensitivity and insight.

Face to face appointments are offered as well as online (Zoom).

Psychological Services

At Psychology House in St Andrews, Fife, you will be offered the opportunity to process and overcome what might be challenging, confused , worrying or painful. Individual and couples counselling provided. Face to face sessions as well as online offered to help address a range of issues: 




Relationship Issues

Shyness and Social Anxiety

Health Anxiety

Panic attack

Adjustment Disorder


Workplace issues and bullying

Emotional Regulation


Trauma and PTSD




Grief and Loss

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